New Assessment Procedures

Assessment has changed since the introduction of the new national curriculum in September 2014. The level system that many parents and children were familiar with has been replaced with “Assessment without levels” or AWL.

The government has expected all school’s to develop their own assessment systems and not provided any guidance on what these systems should look like.

Most Hartlepool Schools have adopted a system that has been developed by Hartlepool primary teachers. Unfortunately, we cannot upload these documents to the website but if anyone would like a copy of them, please do ask at reeption and we will provide them to you free of charge.

The new national curriculum has set out additional knowledge and skills for children to learn but also raised the standard expected at the end of every year.

This has had an impact on all children but it also depends on which year group children are in.

What follows is a generalisation for all children in KS2 but in general terms: -

  • Children who reached the old standard of level 3 at KS1 (which was above), will find their child now reaching the expected standard or in some cases below.
  • Children who reached the old standard of 2A and 2B will now be working below the new standards.
  • Children who attained 2C or below will not be reaching expected standards.

Teachers are working very hard with their children to “close the gaps” between the old curriculum and the new but children are now covering more curriculum content than previously expected. There are additions to the curriculum such as algebra and Roman numerals in KS2.

Until current year 6 children take the new SAT tests this summer 2016 and until the government decide where the pass mark is (something they won’t do until after the tests have been marked), it is difficult to know where the new standards are. However, many educationalists are suggesting that the old level 5 which only 30 – 40 % of children passed is more likely to be the standard expected of all children.

So, where does this leave us at Jesmond Gardens and you as parents?

  • All parents will see a “dip” in your child’s assessment. At present we have no children exceeding the new standards
  • Parents of children who were told their child is “average” may now find that they are below the expected standard

All of this is hard for you as parents but also for your children.

There are many websites that have lots of information for parents on the new assessment procedures. I haven’t found a particular one that I can recommend but here is an example one.

If you want to know more about what is expected at the end of KS1 and KS2 in the tests please click here for Key Stage 1 and here for Key Stage 2. These links will take you to another page on our website.